Focus on the Essentials

The Most Import Features at a Glance

All the Data You Need

SeminarDesk keeps all of your data regarding planning, bookings and billing your seminars in a single web-based software tool. No need for annoying switches between different tools, Excel sheets or paper reservation books!

Don't Lose Your Flexibility

Prices for lodging & board, seminar rooms or email templates: All of your core data can easily be changed within SeminarDesk – and of course you don’t need to know how to program to do all of that!

Inspired by Real Needs

We develop our software in cooperation with and based on the needs of communities like Schloss Tempelhof  or Lebensgarten Steyerberg. We are focused on improving SeminarDesk continuously and love building features that solve real problems and are easy to use.

Sounds Good? Let's Talk!

We would love to show you everything SeminarDesk can do for you in a personal demonstration. Do we even need to mention it’s free and does not come with any obligations? Just book an appointment that best suits you!

SeminarDesk has everything that makes your life easier–At least in regards to managing your seminars

Say Goodbye to error-prone Excel sheets, clumsy paperwork and complicated, overloaded software!

Central Datastorage

All relevant information regarding speakers/seminar facilitators, guests, addresses, pricing lists, seminars and dates as well as invoices are available in SeminarDesk to all employees. Access to different functionalities can be set up via a fine-grained access rights management control.

Reports and Documents

Check-in lists, room and booking plans, kitchen plans, seminar rooms as calendar – with SeminarDesk's reporting functionality you can create (basically) any kind of documents that you need.

Website Integration & Online Registration

Seminar lists and detail pages can be easily integrated into your existing website. No need for duplicate data entry or manual uploads. Guests can use the online registration form to create bookings.

Transparency and Openness

In partnership with our clients and customers we want to create the best seminar management tool for small and medium sized organizations! Everyone benefits from improvements and new feature suggestions – without resulting in additional cost for every individual client.

Invoicing and Accounting

Invoices are created in less than no time. Outstanding items are displayed in a clear way. Statistics and revenue analysis tools cater for transparency and planning security. Integrations with account software (DATEV) avoid the need for double data entry.

Maximum Flexibility

We know from experience: Sometimes a software needs to accept allegedly wrong input, for example a double booking of a room. And by using individual price lists, SeminarDesk gives you meaningful price suggestions, which can always be override manually.

And How Much Does It Cost?

We would like to get you and your needs better to know in order to make you an individual and suitable offer. Please contact us via email or just ask about pricing after your personal demonstration session has ended.

Are You Ready for a Smart Seminar Management Tool?

SeminarDesk is well suited for small and medium sized organizations as well as individual seminar facilitators. Let’s chat and find out if SeminarDesk might be a good fit for you, as well.

Yes, I Would like to Learn More About SeminarDesk!

We’d love to show you everything that our software can do for you. Of course there’s no costs involved for you!

SeminarDesk – The smart seminar management tool