Customizable prefixes and titles, optional attendee profiles, updated user menu and batch e-mail campaigns

In this article we would like to show you all innovations and improvements of the current SeminarDesk update from August 2020!

Salutations and titles

You can now assign prefixes or salutations (e.g. “Ms”, “Mr” or “custom”) and optionally titles (e.g. “Dr”, “Prof” etc.) to attendee and guest profiles.

Titles and salutations for existing contacts can be changed by clicking on Profiles – Show all people – Edit. 

These dropdown fields are now also available when creating a new booking and in the booking form on the booking page:

Under Administration – Setup – Prefixes and titles you can define which salutations and titles should be available:

Optionally create profiles during group bookings

If a guest or participant is not yet in the system, a new participant profile is always created during a manual booking. Until now, this was done for the first participant as well as for all subsequent participants within a group booking. With the new checkbox “Create profile” it is now possible to determine whether a participant profile should be created for each additional guest or not. 

If you do not choose to create a profile, this guest will only be included in the booking with their name, sex and age.

Changes to the user and administration menus

As part of our August update, we have slightly modified the main menu in the upper right corner: Language, password and theme changes as well as the logout function are now available by clicking on the user name.

On top of that, a new “question mark” icon directs you to our help center. 

The link to the tasks and notes on the left side remains unchanged.

As some new functions went online in the last months, we have now also revised the structure of the administration menu. All settings that are defined especially at the beginning or before using SeminarDesk are now grouped together under the menu item: Setup.

Email Campaigns to all contacts

Until now, it was possible to send e-mails to all participants of a specific event date. We have now extended this function to make it possible to send email campaigns to multiple persons in your database – regardless of bookings and booking status. Up to 100 individuals can be selected under the menu item Profiles – Send batch e-mail:

The e-mail can include a subject line, text and the usual e-mail placeholders. If needed, you can also add an attachment.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

All the best from us,
Christoph, Simon and Jan.