User-defined booking pages, directions in confirmation e-mails, flexible meal types and much more…

We would like to showcase you all new features and improvements of the SeminarDesk update from 22nd October 2020!

Header text and image for the booking page

The online booking page can now be further customized:

Go to Administration – Setup – Default Booking Page Settings to upload a header image and text, or directly use the HTML editor to design your event booking page.

homepage editing

The header image can be a photo of your company, an image to promote a specific event or simply a graphic to improve the overall of the event overview page.

Custom menus and pages for the booking page

With this update you can now display pages and/or sub-pages on the booking page. For this purpose user-defined menus can be created under Administration – Setup – Custom web pages:

The booking page thus becomes a mini website with customizable drop-down menus for additional sub-pages in the drop right corner. In our example we created a More Information dropdown menu and a contact page.

Delete Event Dates

This is a rather small but useful improvement: from now on, events can be deleted as long as no bookings have been made.

When you click on “Edit Event” in the “Dates” section you can now find the option “Delete”.

delete event dates

External Accommodations

With SeminarDesk it is now possible to create external accommodations, assign these accommodations to the different event dates, and add external guest rooms. This feature helps, for example, when planning with external hotel room contingents.

Go to Administration – External Accommodation to create the external accommodations and their locations first.

When editing the (event) date details and scrolling down to the section “External accommodations”, you now have the possibility to create one or multiple room types and select the relevant accommodation – in our case: the City Hotel.

create rooms

After the room contingents have been created, they can be assigned.  When editing an existing booking just click on Rooms – Assign external room.

assign external room

Flexible Meal Plans

This October update makes it possible to define flexible meal types to easily change an attendee’s booking details or to make the meal selection available attendees on the online booking page.

Under Administration – Setup – Meal types the different options can be added in a first step:

In our case we want to offer the options full board and without breakfast.

If we now create a new booking, we can directly select the appropriate template using the drop-down menu Meal type:

booking meal plan

When opening the meal plan details, these catering settings are then automatically pre-selected for each day.

Note: With this function only meals for one event date can be removed. For example, selecting our option “without breakfast” will only remove meals that existed earlier or were originally activated for the event.

Directions as attachment in confirmation e-mail

It is now possible to upload directions as image and PDF files for external venues.

add directions

These directions will then be attached to all outgoing confirmation emails.

Set Payment Methods

Go to Administration – Setup – Payment Types, to collect payment information for each booking. Under the section Payment Request Fields add fields to request the preferred payment method and if necessary additional payment data.

On the booking page during registration, you can ask attendees whether they like to pay by direct debit, cash or bank transfer. 

Through this collection of payment data, a report can then be generated as a list showing, for example, which participants pay cash, which attendees will send the invoice amount via bank transfer and which participants should be debited by debit or credit card.

Published date from/to and start/end of registration on booking page

When editing an event date, it is now very easy to define from and until the event date should be published on the booking page. 

Additionally, a registration start date and end date can now be entered.

published from until

When entering a start date, the event date will still be visible on the booking page, but registration is not yet possible. Instead, the note: “Registration from” appears with the corresponding date. This can be very useful, for example, to market an event date and display it on the booking page even if the registration is not yet open. 

In the same way, a registration deadline can be selected.

In this case, a yellow “Registration until” notice will already appear on the overview page.

registration start date set
end notie

Automatically attach report to emails

This is a new function that allows you to automate work steps that would otherwise take a lot of time: 

Reports can now be automatically attached to confirmation e-mails (or other system e-mails). For example, attendee confirmations or certificates in PDF format can be automatically filled with all relevant attendee data and sent to the attendees.

In principle, there are no limits here, as reports can also be attached to all other e-mail campaigns, both for internal and external workflows.

The Add Report Template function can now be found for all e-mail templates in the Administration – Setup – Standard e-mail settings section.

add report template

Cost Templates

In SeminarDesk, costs can already be booked into an event. Until now however, this had to be done for each new event date manually.

From now on, new templates can be created under Administration – Cost Templates and then simply selected as a template in the Costs section of the Event Date – Event Details. The cost template can save you a lot of time and reduces repetitive work.

cost templates
add cost template

As always, we hope that these improvements will help you and we look forward to your feedback!

The SeminarDesk team