E-mail blocks and snippets, revenue templates and invoices for persons and companies, moving bookings across event dates, and much more…

In this article we would like to show you all new features and improvements of the latest SeminarDesk November 2020 update!

"Waiting List" Emails

Under “Administration – Setup – Default Email Settings” it is now possible to define an email template for bookings with the status “Waiting List”.

When sending this status e-mail, a “report” can also be attached to all outgoing emails, e.g. as a fillable PDF file. 

waiting list email

Email Snippets, Email Blocks and Templates

From now on, e-mails can be created more quickly with the help of blocks or snippets. 

Click on Administration – Email snippets. 

Email snippets

An e-mail snippet can also be used as a placeholder if the checkbox “Placeholder” is selected. 

Finally, the “Active” checkbox must be checked and a click on “Update” activates the e-mail snippet.

To add snippets or placeholders to e-mails, we open a new batcvh e-mail and find the option: Insert text block

For the e-mail templates under Administration – Setup – Default email settings, the “placeholders” are used instead of the text modules:

Order of custom menus and pages on the booking page

The last product update already informed about the improved booking page with the option to create additional sub-pages and menus.

The usability has now been further refined, as it is now possible to easily arrange the menus and change the order.

The function can be found under Administration – Setup – Booking page settings in the section Custom web menus and pages

By clicking on Edit you can now define the order of the pages.

You may then click on an event date and its booking page settings. Double check your changes by clicking on Show booking page.

Cost templates and invoices for contact and company profiles

Orders and sales can now be assigned directly to persons and companies, either manually or by using templates.

In our example we have created the template “VIP Membership” under Administration – Revenue Templates:

Under Profiles – Show People we now find our VIP member and assign this revenue under the section – Other Revenues – now directly to the person.

We can now select the corresponding sales position and create an invoice.

List all guests (as opposed to bookings) for an event

Via Events – Show Dates there was until now only the possibility to display all bookings of an event date. Additional guests could only be displayed indirectly within a booking.

In the event date menu there is now the option Show all guests. This list will then only show those persons who are booked as guests for this event.

Move bookings to dates of other events

Bookings could already be moved from one date to another of the same event. This restriction has now been removed so that a booking can also be moved to a date of another event.

In the editing page of a booking, under Actions, you will find the option: Move to another date

As always, we hope that these improvements will help you and we look forward to your feedback!

The SeminarDesk team