Online accounts, flexible guest types, extra fields in list views, external booking page and much more…

In this article we would like to introduce you to all the new features and improvements of the latest SeminarDesk update from December 2020.

Online account for the booking site

Users of the booking page can now optionally create an online account, e.g. when registering for an event. And the next time they register, the registration form will be filled out automatically with their personal data after they have logged in.

Login pages

Flexible guest types

The guest types such as “speaker”, “participant” or “accompanying person” can now be freely defined and individually set.

For example, it is possible to specify that speakers are required to attend the event – in order to appear on the catering and kitchen list, for example – but that no participation fee is to be booked.

For the guest type “Participant”, on the other hand, the participation fee is booked and, like “Accompanying person”, it is marked as “Public”, which means that this guest type will also be offered for selection on the booking page in the future.

Web settings and email templates that differ from the standard

It is now clearly visible if settings or e-mail templates deviate from the stored default.

Differing standard settings

The green symbol indicates that the setting matches the standard. The yellow symbol, on the other hand, indicates a deviation from the standard. If you move the mouse over this symbol, the default value is displayed – which you can then apply to the settings of the current event by clicking on “Change to default” if desired.

Show extra fields in list views

Extra fields for persons, events and appointments can now also be displayed in the corresponding lists. For this purpose, the option “Show in lists” must be activated for the respective extra field. 

Display extra fields in lists

Reports by period: relative dates

In addition to a fixed start and end date, reports by time period can now also select relative time periods such as “Current week” or “Current month”.

Report by period

For example, you can save a link to the kitchen list of the current week or to the financial report of the previous month and do not have to select the period manually each time.

Link to external booking page with online booking disabled

If you utilize the booking page including the event overview but the actual online registration for the event is not made via SeminarDesk, you can now link to an external booking page.

To do this, the option Show detail page but no booking available must be selected in the web settings under “Detail page”. An external URL can now be entered, which will then be linked to right on the booking page.

New extra field type "Formatted text

In the extra fields for profiles or events and appointments, there is now a new type “Formatted text”, which can be used to enter HTML-formatted text.

formatted text html

Integration ESP (e-mail service provider) or newsletter tool

Until now, it was only possible to store the information whether the person wanted to receive a newsletter or not.

With the latest update, SeminarDesk can now be connected to an external newsletter tool, so that, for example, when registering for an event, the double opt-in process controlled by the newsletter tool can be started automatically or certain attributes of the person profile can be synchronized.

Currently, there is an integration option with the German provider CleverReach.

Please contact us if you are interested in connecting your newsletter tool with SeminarDesk.

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

All the best from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.