Guest types on booking page, credit notes, improved payment import, easy label management for profiles and much more…

In this article we would like to introduce you to all the new features and improvements of the latest SeminarDesk update from January 2021.

Selection of guest types on the booking page

From now on, the guest types stored in SeminarDesk, such as companion, participant, speaker, or assistant, can be selected by guests on the booking page.

To do this, the relevant guest type must be marked as “public” and the guest types must be activated for the event. The “External description” field can be used to enter an explanatory text that is displayed when the guest type is selected.

Registration guest types

Restore default layout of lists

To restore the default view or layout of lists, you can now simply click the “Reset Layout Settings” button above the list view.

Reset layout settings

This function removes all filters, returns columns to their original position, and shows data fields or columns that were previously hidden.

Create and post invoice in one step

For a confirmed booking, the invoice can now be created and posted at the same time in one step. For this purpose, there is now the checkbox “Post invoice” when creating an invoice.

Create invoice and post

Different email accounts for different events

From now on, multiple e-mail accounts can be stored in SeminarDesk and assigned when sending e-mails.

Within the e-mail settings – both in the standard settings and those of an event – you will find the new “Send via” selection. If several e-mail accounts have been created via the administration settings, the preferred account for sending this e-mail can be selected here.

Send via email account

Credit note as "Add item"

If we want to add more items or services to a booking, this can be done as usual under “Edit Booking” and “Actions – Add item”.

We will now see this new selection:

By clicking on “Default item such as accommodation orĀ  individual service” there is now the option to also post credits.

add items as credit

"Reply-To" address when sending e-mails

It is now possible to define a different reply address for each e-mail account. The corresponding input field can be found under Administration – Setup – Booking page and e-mails – E-mail accounts and “Edit”.

define reply to address

Improved payment import

With this update, the payment import has also improved.

It is now possible after the upload to ignore or skip rows above the records and to assign the columns manually:

Batch edit labels simultaneously for multiple profiles

From now on, it is very easy to add one or more labels to persons or profiles. Labels can also be removed in the same way.
For this purpose, there is now a new button called “batch edit labels” above the “people lists”.

batch edit labels

After selecting one or more people, we can now select a label and replace, add or remove it.

Note: the labels must be created first via Administration – Labels.

batch edit labels details

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

All the best from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.