New CRM features, dashboard, booking duplicates, favicon for booking pages, overwrite “price info” on booking page and much more…

In this article we would like to present you all the new features and improvements of the current SeminarDesk updates from March and April 2021.

Configurable dashboard

The April update unlocks a dashboard that is displayed immediately after logging in and can be accessed via the main menu link “Home”.

At a glance, you can see upcoming or overdue tasks, new registrations for events, the balance overview or current waiting lists and room occupancy. 

configurable dashboard

The dashboard can also be customized via the settings, i.e. dashboards that are not needed can simply be hidden or moved.

Configure your dashboard

New CRM features: selection templates, actions, address validation service, profile linking, consents.

With this update, new CRM functions have also been enabled. The main menu now contains the menu item “CRM”, which can be used to create selection templates and actions.  

The selection templates can be used to generate profile lists via filters, which can then be exported as an Excel file, for example, using the so-called actions.

Selection templates
Selection templates

Another new feature is the address verification service, which can be booked as an additional service. If this function has been activated, the “Address check” button appears next to the address in all profiles. 

Note: Since fees incur per query, this is a chargeable extra service. If you are interested in this function, please contact us via the chat or send us an email to [email protected]

Address check

Another new CRM feature involves creating consent types or checkboxes that appear in profiles.

Consent types

Consent can be given, for example, to contact customrs and attendees by e-mail, phone or mail. 

Notification of possible duplicates

Avoiding duplicates is a challenge in the planning and execution of recurring events or event series. SeminarDesk now notifies you directly during a booking if a  duplicate has been detected for the booker’s profile.

Booking dublicates

Clicking on the warning icon will then display a list of possible duplicates.

Additional information for event dates

In the event dates there are now more fields to store additional information:

This additional information can be displayed on the booking page or automatically integrated into e.g. all confirmation emails using the placeholder “[AppointmentAdditionalInformation]”.

Send cancellation invoices by email in batch mode

Within the batch mode for invoices, it was previously possible to cancel or process invoices more efficiently. 

From now on, cancellation invoices can also be sent directly by email, which was previously only possible through a further manual work step. 

The function can be found under the menu item Invoices and by clicking on “Batch processing”. 

Overwrite "Price info" for display on booking page

If the price info text automatically generated by SeminarDesk needs to be customized, this can now simply be overwritten in the Booking page settings section of an event date.

Here you will now find the text field “Price info”.

Price info display

The booking page will then display the entered text instead of the stored participation fees for the relevant event.

price info on booking page

Disable price range for accommodation/meals in the date selection

Under the web settings of an event, there is now the following additional setting for events that include accommodation and meals. If this option is active, the price range and an info popup with further details on the various accommodation options will be displayed during the date selection.

This is only relevant for dates where accommodation and/or meals are activated.

Favicon for the booking page

Finally, another graphical improvement of the booking page went online. 

From now on, a favicon file can be uploaded via Administration – Setup – Booking page and Emails – Booking page. The favicon will then appear on all events and booking pages.

favicon image

As always, we hope these improvements help you and your team and we look forward to your feedback!

Best regards from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.