Save your custom filters for your lists, optional accommodation and meals, better selection templates and much more…

In this article we would like to present you all the new features and improvements of the current SeminarDesk update from May 2021.

Mark room occupancy as "prepared"

From now on there is the status “Marked as prepared” for the room assignments. This status can be set via the info popup:

Room Assignment

Room reservations that have been marked as prepared are indicated by a “key symbol”:

key symbol for room assignments

Attendance fee templates

Under Administration – Templates – Attendance Fee Templates, templates for attendance fee price lists can be defined from now on.

Attendance Fee Templates

A new price list can then be created from a template in the “Attendance fees” section of the event. The templates are especially helpful if the attendance fees for different events are repeated and thus do not have to be created each time.

Add from template

Scheduled tasks for events and bookings

When editing an event, there is now the possibility to create so-called “Planned tasks” under the menu item “Functions”.

Planned Tasks

A “planned task” can be used to specify at a certain time for an event date which actions are to be performed with the bookings and/or guests of these bookings.

Add planned task

This function can be used, for example, to map the following use cases:

  • 10 days before the appointment, the invoice is to be generated, posted and sent by e-mail for all confirmed bookings
  • 5 days before the appointment, all guests with the status “Confirmed” should be assigned a specific label.
  • 2 days after the appointment all unconfirmed bookings should be cancelled.

Set default for country prefix for phone numbers

Under Administration – Setup – Settings, under the section “Currency and default formatting”, there is now also a selection list with country names. The country selected there sets the default for the country prefix for phone numbers in profiles. The new feature is particularly relevant for our international SeminarDesk users.

Country Prefix Selection

Structure report templates via "categories

A variety of different reports can be created with SeminarDesk. In principle, there are almost no limits here.

In order to better keep track of a larger number of report templates, they can now be structured using “categories”. When selecting a report template via the “Reports” action menu, the templates are then displayed in submenus based on the categories.

Categories for reports

Mark accommodation and meals as optional

When editing an event date, it is now possible to offer accommodation and catering not only as mandatory, but also as optional.

If this option is selected, participants can choose on the booking page whether they want to add meals and accommodation or not.

Optional meals and accommodation

Selection templates: Query bookings

Via the “Selection templates” under the menu item CRM, it is now also possible to evaluate the bookings of the profiles. This means that profiles can now be selected that have bookings for events with a certain label, for example.

Bookings or selection templates

Provide bookings/guests with an "identifier

From now on, guests and bookings can be tagged with an “identifier” – this can be any kind of text.

These “markers” can be used, for example, to assign a “title” to all bookings in a group so that they can be filtered later in the booking overview.
These identifiers or markers are therefore more suitable in these “one-off” cases than the “labels” that would first have to be created in the administration and which would then also be visible for other bookings.

Save custom filters for list views

List views can be customized in SeminarDesk depending on the respective needs. The selected settings were previously also saved in the user profile. Now you can also save any selected filter combinations to quickly restore a view that you need more often.

By clicking on “My Filters” the current view can be saved and named. Previously saved views or filters can be selected or managed (edited or deleted).

Save current filter

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

Best regards from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.