Global search, restructured and extended view of person and company profiles, create mail merge letters and more…

In this article we would like to present you all the new features and improvements of the current SeminarDesk update from June 2021.

Global Search Function

A search field is now available at the top right of every SeminarDesk screen. The entire database can be searched, e.g. for booking numbers, names of attendees and guests in bookings, invoice numbers, profiles or for events and event dates.

Global Search Function

Restructured display of person and company profiles

With this update, the view of the person and company profiles has been revised.

Using the various tabs such as “Person”, “Billing address”, “Extra fields”, etc., it is now possible to find and edit person- or company-related information more quickly:

Restructured person profiles

Another new feature is the “Data protection (DSGVO)” tab, which can be used to store the legal basis, the data origin and also the storage period for each contact. If these have been created, the consents can also be found under this:

Data protection

As usual, the most important steps can be carried out via the tabs at the top. For example, a new booking can be created directly for the corresponding person or a new e-mail can be created and sent. In addition, existing invoices and e-mails already sent to this person can be viewed or all bookings made by this person can be displayed.

CRM module: create mail merge letters

Within the new CRM module there was already the function to export the filtered or predefined lists or to send e-mails to the selected contacts.

From now on, serial letters can also be created and printed in the same way:

By clicking on “Create bulk letter”, a comprehensive mail merge editor opens, with which text, logos, tables and dynamic fields can be freely inserted, similar to what is known from e.g. MS Word and other text programs. Alternatively, an existing letter template can be used and edited.

Afterwards, the entire data set can be saved or printed directly using the mail merge function:

Complete Mail Merge

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

Best regards from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.