User groups, iCal feeds and attachments, new email placeholders and much more….

In this article we would like to update you with all the new features and improvements of the current SeminarDesk update from July and August 2021.

User Groups

The current update improves data protection and data management and allows only certain groups of employees to access specific profile data.

User groups can now be used for this purpose. Under Administration – Setup – User Management, one or more user groups must first be created.

Adding User Groups

Subsequently, the individual users can be assigned to the user groups.

Profile visibility

In order to display certain profiles only to a certain user group, the option “Restricted” can be selected under Visibility when editing a profile. Now one or more user groups can be selected here that should have exclusive access to this profile.

Profile Visibility

Visibility of "sensitive data

In the same way, particularly sensitive data can be hidden for all users except for a certain user group. This sensitive data includes the fields date of birth, profession as well as the account data.

Display arrivals per booking

Under Bookings – Arrival Management, the list can now also be displayed grouped by booking. Thus, not each guest is listed individually, but only one line per booking.

iCal-Attachment and iCal-Feeds

From now on, iCal attachments for calendar entries can be attached to e-mails in all e-mail templates. All you need to do is click the checkbox “Attach iCalendar (ICS) file.

iCalendar file


Under events, function rooms and guest rooms, you will find the menu item iCalendar feeds.

These iCal “files”, which SeminarDesk generates dynamically, can be accessed via a specific URL. This allows event dates in a certain period, room bookings or event room bookings to be included in a calendar (or other software that understands ICS).

iCal feeds

Afterwards, the iCal file can be downloaded or the generated URL can be copied, which can then be integrated into a calendar software, for example.

Download iCal file

Reset event-specific email settings to default

In the email settings of an event, the default email settings can now be restored with one click. This is especially helpful if errors have occurred during formatting or important passages have been deleted or updated in the default settings.

Beim Klick auf „Standard zurücksetzen“ muss die Auswahl nochmals bestätigt werden.

New email placeholder/merge field: [GuestNames].

With the new email placeholder [GuestNames], it is now easy to list all guests of a booking in an email.

This is relevant for confirmation emails or if further information is needed from certain guests and they should be directly addressed or mentioned in the email.

New email placeholder: [DetailedDetails]

With the [DetailedDetails] placeholder, the number of nights, meals and price level can now also be displayed in addition to the previous booking details.


Display of the city/contact details of event locations in the event overview

In the list overview of all events, the city and contact details of event locations can now also be displayed. By default, these fields are always activated and visible. Under “Edit display” the individual view can be customized and columns that are not needed can be hidden.

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

Best regards from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.