New dashboard views, webhooks for profiles, show booking extra fields in lists, information for internal and external remarks and much more…

In this article we would like to show you all the new features and improvements of the current September 2021 SeminarDesk update

Edit room assignment and "marker" directly in the list of bookings

Rooms can now be assigned faster and directly from the list of bookings (and the “Booking overview”) without having to switch to the details of each booking.

Via the Actions menu, you can either click on “Assign room” to display the room selection as a dropdown.

Assign room

What is new is the assignment via the column “Room”. This field can be clicked – if an overnight stay was booked in the booking – and edited directly within the booking overview.

In the same way, from now on the “marker” field can be easily edited, because it is editable directly in the list.

edit the marker field

Note: For the changes to take effect, you still have to click on “Save changes” below the list.

Contact e-mail address for display on booking page in case of an error

Via Administration – Setup – Booking page – Booking Page, a contact email address can now be added.

Diese E-Mail-Adresse wird im Fehlerfall auf der Buchungsseite als Kontaktmöglichkeit angezeigt.

Webhooks for profiles

The webhooks under Administration – Setup – Webhooks and Interfaces were already available for events and labels, for example.
From now on, events for profiles can also be automatically transmitted to external systems via webhooks. Triggers can be the creation of a new profile, the modification or deletion or the merging of two profiles.

Upload documents in "mailbox" of online account

From now on, participants who have registered for an online account can be provided with documents in their personal mailbox.

To do this, the “Activate mailbox” function must first be selected under Administration – Setup – Booking page – Online account:

Inbox for Profiles

The corresponding profile can then be called up and the “Online account” tab clicked on:

Online account

The “Files in Inbox” section now allows us to upload files that only this person will then have access to.

f we log into the corresponding online account as Nicola Tesla, we will see the document under the “My Inbox” tab and we can download it.

New dashboard views: New bookings/bookings on waiting list for my events

In addition to the current waiting list, there is now also a dashboard view for viewing the bookings on the waiting list for your own events.

Archive" Report Templates

Under Administration – Reports, reports that are not required can now be archived or switched to inactive.

By clicking on “Edit settings” of a report, you will now find a corresponding checkbox named “Active”.

By default, only the active reports are displayed in the overview list. By clicking on “All”, the inactive ones will also be displayed. Inactive report templates are not offered when selecting to create a report.

Display extra fields of the booking forms in booking lists/overviews

Self-created additional fields of the booking form can now also be displayed in the list of bookings or the booking overview.

In order for the fields to be displayed in the filters of the booking lists, they must first be activated during creation under Administration – Setup – Additional fields – Booking form fields.


fields display in lists

Through the “Edit display” icon above the booking lists, the additional field can now be found in the filter lists. Via the “Column selection” tab, the field can be shown and hidden like all others.

Show fields in lists

NOTE: Change regarding "Remarks" in a booking

Finally, a note about a small but important change that takes effect with this update:

In the bookings there is a new field “Internal remark”. This is, as the name suggests, for internal information, exchanges within the team or even notes about this booking.

The previous field “Remarks” has been renamed to “External Remarks” to make it clearer that this field could be sent to the booker via the email placeholder [Booking Remarks] e.g. in the confirmation email – along with any manual changes made.

It is therefore recommended to change the content of the “External remarks” field only with special care and to use the “Internal remarks” field or the “Notes” for internal remarks or communication instead.

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

Best regards from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.