Generate partial/split invoices, confirm several bookings at once, settings for emails and other improvements…

In this article we would like to show you all the new features and improvements of the current October 2021 SeminarDesk update

Generate split invoices

Under Edit Booking – Payment and Invoice there is now the option to also create split invoices. This makes it easy to create several invoices for e.g. an instalment payment.

split invoice

Afterwards, you can select how many partial invoices are to be created.

The “percentage of the total balance” and the respective invoice date can then be set for each partial invoice.

edit split invoices

SeminarDesk then generates the desired number of invoices with the respective partial amounts. Apart from this, the invoices generated in this way do not differ from “normal” invoices.

Confirm several bookings at once

In the list of all bookings you will now find the function “batch confirmation”. This allows several bookings to be selected and confirmed in one step.

Batch confirmation

List of bookings/balance report: "Number of differences".

The “Number of differences” column is now available in the balance report under the menu item “Bookings”:

number of differences

With this and in combination with the number of invoices, it is easy to find bookings for which one or more invoices still have to be created.

Settings for failed email send outs

Under Administration – Setup – General Settings, you can now select who should be informed in the event of a failed e-mail transmission. SeminarDesk users can be selected here or any e-mail addresses can be entered manually.

email notifications

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

Best regards from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.