Additional merge fields for semails, new dashboard display for external accommodations, improvements for profiles and much more…

In this article we would like to show you all the new features and improvements of the current November 2021 SeminarDesk update

Additional merge fields for status emails

The status emails, which can be configured under Administration – Setup – Emails – Default Email Settings, have been equipped with new merge fields in the course of the November update. At the end of the list you will now find the placeholders for the “Preferred email”, “Preferred phone”, “Preferred address” and the “Date of birth” of the email recipient.

new merge fields

New Dashboard Panel: Unassigned External Accommodations with a Cancellation Date Pending

The November update also unlocks a new dashboard panel. This panel shows the list of active external accommodations with their cancellation dates.

The dashboard panel thus gives a quick overview of the external accommodations for which a cancellation date has been set in the near future. This way you can see which of these unused accommodations may need to be cancelled.

Improved communication orkflows within profiles: Directly create email or open website

Within the profiles, it is now possible to open either the dialogue for sending e-mails directly or the stored website (in a new browser window) by clicking on the corresponding icons.

Address check hint in profiles

If the chargeable address verification service is active, a note is now displayed in profiles if the address has not yet been verified.

address not yet checked warning

Warning if no contact details are stored in profiles

If no contact data is stored in a profile, a corresponding warning will be displayed at the top when editing the profile:

Warning if selected "preferred address", "telephone number" or "email" is empty

If the preferred address within a profile does not contain any data, a warning is now displayed with the note: “There is no data for the selected entry”.

Missing preferred contact details

List of bookings for attendees can be viewed in the online account

Attendees who have an online account can now view their bookings at any time via the “Bookings” tab.

As always, we hope these improvements help you and look forward to your feedback!

Best regards from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.