Statistics in the calendar view, e-mail notifications for new bookings, flexible price levels, and much more…

We would like to showcase you all new features and improvements of the SeminarDesk update from 16th September 2020!

Room Type Order On the Booking Page

The order of the room types can now be adjusted via Administration – Setup – Guest Rooms and Room Types.

Room type order

In the registration form on the booking page, the display changes accordingly:

room type order booking page

Statistics in the booking calendar view

In the booking calendar view, statistics are now displayed for each calendar day. This includes the number of families, adults and children as well as the number of rooms assigned.

Note: For a detailed display, simply hover the mouse pointer over the statistics field for a second and an info panel will appear.

calendar statistics

E-mail notifications for incoming bookings

One or more e-mail recipients can now be specified for notifications via the booking page settings of an event. 

With every online booking, an e-mail notification is sent to the address(es) stored there.

notifications incoming bookings

Note: To speed up the setup of future events, the recipient email addresses can be set as default for all events under Administration – Setup – Default Booking Page Settings.

Additional Fields For Events

Similar to the fields you can create for contact persons, you can now create extra fields for events under Administration – Setup – Additional fields. 

There are different field types to choose from available, such as text fields, date fields, numbers, Yes-No check boxes and drop-down menus.

Assign Contact Persons To Events

When creating an event, you can now assign one or more contact persons. SeminarDesk users can be picked via a dropdown if they are marked as contact person in the user administration section.

This feature can be useful to specify an (internal) contact person for event guests and who is responsible for event content and general questions.

contact person events

Finally, in the booking page settings of an event, you can use the “Show contact persons” option to specify whether the contact persons should be displayed on the booking page – similar to the speakers.

Select Time of Arrival/Departure For Manual Bookings

When creating a new booking manually, the arrival and departure time of the guest can now be changed or overwritten. 

This does not have to be done afterwards anymore if this information is already known during the booking.

arrival time booking

Language, Theme and Table Settings for Users

By clicking on your own user name in the top right-hand corner you will find the new menu item My Settings. Here you can, for example, save the settings for the guest rooms and booking calendars.

My settings

Flexible Price Levels

Under Administration – Setup – Price Levels it is now very easy to create price levels for different participant groups. In our example we have added the levels “Sponsors”, “Standard” and “Reduced”:

Price levels
edit price levels for guests

We can also define here which level should be the default (i.e. preselected) and whether the respective level should be available on the booking pages.

The price levels can then be used in the administration of the price lists as a further distinguishing feature in addition to guest age and room types. This way, different prices for e.g. “members” and “non-members” can be displayed with only one price list.

Note: The selection of a price level via the booking page is currently not yet possible, this will follow with one of the next updates. When booking manually, the price levels are already available for selection. And even when editing a booking guest, the price level can be changed afterwards.

Additional Meals

Under the new menu item Administration – Setup – Additional Meals, it is now possible to manually add meals for guests who are to be catered for without having a booking. These could be day guests or volunteers. Groups can be defined for this use case, in our case “day guests” and “volunteers”:

meal groups

Above the groups it is also possible to select which of the five standard meals should be available for the additional guests. 

additional meals

Under “Bookings > Additional Meals” you now have the possibility to enter the number of additional meals per day, meal and group. 

The additional meals are then included in the kitchen list or other reports.

additional meals booking

Additional Text for Accommodation Type on Booking Pages

Under Administration – Setup – Guest Rooms and Room Types an external description for individual room types can now be added.

This description appears on the booking page under the respective room type.

external description booking page

As always, we hope that these improvements will help you and we look forward to your feedback!

All the best, 
Christoph, Simon und Jan.

Customizable prefixes and titles, optional attendee profiles, updated user menu and batch e-mail campaigns

In this article we would like to show you all innovations and improvements of the current SeminarDesk update from August 2020!

Salutations and titles

You can now assign prefixes or salutations (e.g. “Ms”, “Mr” or “custom”) and optionally titles (e.g. “Dr”, “Prof” etc.) to attendee and guest profiles.

Titles and salutations for existing contacts can be changed by clicking on Profiles – Show all people – Edit. 

These dropdown fields are now also available when creating a new booking and in the booking form on the booking page:

Under Administration – Setup – Prefixes and titles you can define which salutations and titles should be available:

Optionally create profiles during group bookings

If a guest or participant is not yet in the system, a new participant profile is always created during a manual booking. Until now, this was done for the first participant as well as for all subsequent participants within a group booking. With the new checkbox “Create profile” it is now possible to determine whether a participant profile should be created for each additional guest or not. 

If you do not choose to create a profile, this guest will only be included in the booking with their name, sex and age.

Changes to the user and administration menus

As part of our August update, we have slightly modified the main menu in the upper right corner: Language, password and theme changes as well as the logout function are now available by clicking on the user name.

On top of that, a new “question mark” icon directs you to our help center. 

The link to the tasks and notes on the left side remains unchanged.

As some new functions went online in the last months, we have now also revised the structure of the administration menu. All settings that are defined especially at the beginning or before using SeminarDesk are now grouped together under the menu item: Setup.

Email Campaigns to all contacts

Until now, it was possible to send e-mails to all participants of a specific event date. We have now extended this function to make it possible to send email campaigns to multiple persons in your database – regardless of bookings and booking status. Up to 100 individuals can be selected under the menu item Profiles – Send batch e-mail:

The e-mail can include a subject line, text and the usual e-mail placeholders. If needed, you can also add an attachment.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

All the best from us,
Christoph, Simon and Jan.

New tax rates, ‘valid from’ date for price lists, labels and external accommodation

We would like to share with you the latest features and improvements of the July 2020 Update.

Temporary reduction of tax rates

The new tax rates came into force on 1 July 2020. If you have decided not to adjust your prices, no changes to the SeminarDesk settings are necessary from your side. 

To easily update new price details or copy existing price lists, please read this Help Center article. (German)

New function: "Valid from" date for price lists

To make price lists more flexible, you can now first define a “valid from” date and then easily copy and adjust the price details within a price list. 

Labels for grouping events, dates, bookings and profiles

Previously, when creating an event, the event type and topic could be named using a text field. You can now also define and assign a label to an event.

The entries that are available here can be set up under the menu item “Administration – Labels”.

Note: In the coming updates we plan to replace the event type and theme with these labels and their freely configurable categories. No manual intervention on your part is necessary here.

Outlook: External Accommodation

Under the new menu item “Administration – External accommodations”, external hotel partners including address can now be created. This function is currently still under development. In the future, it will be possible to assign external accommodations to events and then assign them to guests bookings.

We will inform you as soon as this function is fully available with one of the upcoming updates!

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best wishes from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.

Booking calendar, moving of single bookings and guests, improved room calendar display, … and more

We would like to share with you the latest features and improvements from the last SeminarDesk update of June 2020.

Platform-wide Update: "Seminar" becomes "Event"

With this update, we are moving away from the term “seminar” and are using the more neutral term “event” from now on. 

This has particular effects on the main menu and other names within SeminarDesk. The functionality remains unchanged despite this name change.

New: booking calendar

Bookings can now also be displayed in a calendar view by clicking on the bookings menu. 

As with all other calendar views, you can first select the period, followed by a a weekly, monthly or chronological display.

Tip: With a right click on an entry the booking details can be called up and a room can also be assigned directly.

New function: move single bookings or individual guests into another booking

Since many events had to be postponed in the last months, SeminarDesk now offers the possibility to easily move single bookings into another booking.

You reach the function under Edit booking – Actions – Move to other booking.


We can now select a target booking:

Note: To postpone a booking, it must not be in the past.

In the same way, individual guests of a booking can now be moved to another booking.

New feature: move booking into new event date

In case some attendees cannot attend an event that has already been booked, a booking can now easily be moved to another future date of the same event. To do this, click on Edit booking and on Actions – Move to another date.

We can now choose a new date. Please note: Bookings can only be postponed to dates of the same event. The event must therefore already have several future dates.

Create timetable templates and assign timetable to event dates

With this update you can now create timetable templates. 
First choose Administration – Timetable Templates to create or add a new timetable.

Afterwards, new entries for one or more days can be created by right-clicking on the timetable. 

Each entry can be marked as either break, lesson or exam and the corresponding lesson units can be defined.

We can now assign this timetable template to an event date.
Click on the Actions drop-down of an event date and select date details (funtion room rent, invoices etc.) 

In the Timetable section the created templates can now be selected and dragged into the timetable of the event date.

Optimized room calendar display

There are now additional basic settings for the room calendar. Under Administration – Settings and the section Room Calendar you will now find the following additional options:

By removing the checkbox Show dates, the first line in the room calendar is completely removed. 

The new grouped view also allows us to group the calendar by booking and by booking and gender.  

Finally, the dynamic row height can now be deactivated. That means rooms with several beds do not have a larger row height than e.g. single rooms.

Additional features and improvements

Total price display for the booking page

In the web settings of an event you can now deactivate or activate the display of the total price. When activated, the total price per person for accommodation and meals is displayed instead of the general price per night, depending on the selected date. 
Note: This option has no effect for multi-part seminars or if the booking of several dates is active.

Improved report generation speed

The user interface and display of reports and reports has been slightly changed and optimized. In addition, the speed has been improved, especially for larger data volumes. 

SeminarDesk becomes international

Due to new English and French speaking SeminarDesk customers, the SeminarDesk user interface is now multilingual. The language can be changed at any time by clicking on the appropriate country flag in the top right corner. 

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best wishes from
Christoph, Simon and Jan.