QA Software Tester for SaaS – Experienced Manual Testing

We are looking for someone that considers themselves an excellent manual tester with an eye for usability problems and a rigorous testing methodology. You should also be an excellent English communicator.
This position requires someone that thrives in an unstructured environment who can wear many hats and collaborate with a distributed team to get the information and access they need to meet their objectives.
• Design, develop, execute and maintain manual test scripts
• Log issues, record progress and track test results for software releases
• Drive software quality up by prompt escalation and closure of product bugs
• Recommend improvements to the current testing methodologies
• Identify issue trends, change test plans accordingly, communicate changes to team members and other departments
• Review product documentation related to a feature area and verify the documentation accurately reflects product functionality
• Maintain test logs and test summary reports
Desired Skills and Experience 
• 3+ years hands-on experience in software testing in multiple environments
• 3+ years of experience in SaaS and/or Enterprise application software environments required
• Experience testing Web Applications
• Experience with complex products
• ISTQB Certification is a bonus
• 1-2 days or 10-15 hours per week; potentially part- or full-time
• Self-driven personality who’s inspired to work independently, yet reliably
Please state
• Your availability: Minimum 1-2 days or 10-15 hours /week
• Your time zone
• If you would sometimes during weekdays be available for 1-3 hours within GMT +1 between 9am-5pm (example: if you would be available 2x/week GMT+1 from 10am-12noon, or any other time during business hours, that would suffice)
• Your experience in QA Software Testing and if you have worked on similar projects in the past

• We don’t yet have standardized testing procedures.

How would you rate your ability and experience to work self-reliant and creating and continuously enhancing testing methods and procedures yourself?
• Besides thorough functional testing, we also need usability testing as we have grown blind to our software ourselves (meaning not just “does this button work?”, but also, for example, “would this button make more sense at a different place?” or “would this make sense to a first-time user?”). Would you say that you have an eye for user experience as well?

Please apply at [email protected] by responding to the above questions and including your resume/CV.

TexterIn (German only)

Wir suchen eine/n erfahrene/n TexterIn / Content Writer

• Überarbeitung der SeminarDesk-Startseite
• Texte für auf Deutsch schreiben: Nicht-technisch, sondern eher marketing/verkaufs-bezogen; z.B. die Vorteile von Funktionen von SeminarDesk für unsere Zielgruppen (Seminarhäuser, Retreat-Zentren, SeminarleiterInnen, Unternehmen, die In-House und/oder Public Events veranstalten) beschreiben
• Beispiele für Texte: Startseite (die Feature-Blog-Einträge auf sind eher technisch; diese sind nicht gemeint)
• Aus Produkt-Updates-Posts, nicht-technische marketing/verkaufs-orientierte Texte erstellen
• Website kontinuierlich erweitern (z.B. mit Über uns, Team, spezielle Landingpages für o.g. Zielgruppen)

• MuttersprachlerIn-Niveau
• Interesse, die Grundfunktionen von SeminarDesk kennen zu lernen
• 10-15 Stunden
/Woche oder mehr; generell freie Zeiteinteilung; allerdings ist für Meetings eine Verfügbarkeit 1-2x/Woche in GMT +1 zwischen 9-11 Uhr notwendig

• SEO- und Copywriting-Erfahrung ist von Vorteil, aber keine Voraussetzung
 Im weiteren Schritt können aus den Texten auch Videos, PDFs und Social Media-Einträge erstellt werden

Bitte schicke uns deine Bewerbung an [email protected] mit
• Ein paar Sätzen, warum du gerne bei uns arbeiten möchtest
• Ein paar Beispiel-Texten
• Deinem Resumé/CV
• Deiner Zeitzone
• Ob Du 1-2x/Woche in GMT +1 zwischen 9-11 Uhr 1-2 Stunden verfügbar sein könntest
• Wie viele Tage oder Stunden pro Woche du verfügbar wärst